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CANADA loves CliC Magnetic Eyewear!

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Do you have many pairs of reading glasses lying all over the house? Do you still have trouble finding a pair when you need one? That has all changed now....CLIC is a revolution in eyewear! No more searching for your readers! A No more granny chains or old-fashioned strings that tangle in your hair or clothes! "You'll Never Lose Your Reading Glasses Again!"

Until now, the life of reading glasses was a tough one. Either they got lost, or more often, they got sat on. In this high-tech age, what was the best thing we could come up with to solve this problem? Clumsy cases, flimsy folding glasses, or the cumbersome chain tangle, 'the granny chain'. With the Baby Boomer Generation at a point in life where they need readers, but still want something fashionable and unique...CLIC Magnetic Readers are the answer!

CLIC Magnetic Reading Glasses are the most unique, practical and comfortable eyeglasses on the market today. The patented neodymium magnetic front connection at the bridge of the nose and the flexible form-fitting headband are what make them so special. The wrap-around headband is adjustable at the temples to fit different head sizes.

To put on your CLICS simply place the band around your head and the magnetic closure will 'click' together over the bridge of the nose to guide the lenses closed. CLIC Readers stay in place and won't slide down your nose or fall off your head when you bend over. A When not in use, simply separate the eye pieces and let your CliC Magnetic Readers hang conveniently around your neck; right there when you need them again!

"You'll Never Lose Your Reading Glasses Again!"

CLIC reading glasses are fashionable and unique and suit men and women equally. They are available in lots of models, colors and diopters; you may even want more than one! Check out our huge selection of CLIC Readers, Executive Readers, Euro Readers, CLIC Sun Readers, CLIC Sunglasses, CLIC Goggles, and CLIC Medical Anti-Splash Glasses. We have them all!
See them worn by celebrities like Robert Joy on the weekly TV series CSI: NY and by Barbra Streisand in "THE GUILT TRIP' William H. Macy in the hit movie WILD HOGS. Also Richard Dreyfuss in the movie MY LIFE IN RUINS and by Samuel L. Jackson in FREEDOMLAND...and many more! Also featured in the celebrated "O"OPRAH magazine.
On TV in Mike and Molly, Face Off, Barbara Streisand in My Mother's Curse and Richard Dreyfuss in Parenthood.

CliCs in the Movies

• The Guilt Trip
• My Life in Ruins
• Wild Hogs
• Freedomland
• Mystic River
• Day After Tomorrow
• The Italian Job


• CSI New York
• Whale Wars
• Dirty Sexy Money
• Bill Nye the Science Guy
• The Starter Wife
• House
• Numb3rs
• NYPD Blue
• The O.C.
• Nip Tuck
• Boston Public
• The District
• Will & Grace
• The Practice
• This Old House
• MD's
• NBC's Scrubs
• Hidden Hills
• Clips
• Looney Tunes
• Sammy Hagar on MTV's Cribs
• Junkyard Mega Wars on TLC
• Up All Night


• The Academy Awards
• The Jerry Lewis Telethon

Celebrity CliC Fans

• Richard Dreyfuss
• Oprah
• Helen Mirren
• Steven Spielberg
• Tom Hanks
• TV Chef Antony Worrall Thompson
• Jerry Lewis
• Barbara Walters
• Paul Newman
• Chef Wolfgang Puck
• Barbara Streisand
• Al Pacino
• Howie Mandel is Canada's favorite source and official website for CliC Magnetic Eye Glasses. We pride ourselves in having the very best reputation for customer service and satisfaction. We have all the models, competitive prices and fast shipping! All prices are in Canadian dollars. Now, you too can own a pair of CliCs. Buy a pair of CLIC magnetic glasses and you'll enjoy the convenience of having your CLIC Readers with you at all times! "You'll Never Lose Your Reading Glasses Again!"